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Who we are

At SMART BUILDING your expectation is our aim and commitment.

Smart Building S.A. is a technical-construction company specializing in building systems of composite construction with metal frame integrated in concrete, covering at the same time the whole range of constructions, conventional construction, composite construction, prefabrication, repairs-reinforcements, prefabricated, heavy prefabricated metal .Pi.
In this way, high-strength houses are built, completely anti-seismic, suitable to house and shield your dreams against earthquakes.

Smart Building S.A.’s systems can be applied in any region of Greece and adapted to any architectural study, without commitments due to the flexibility of the metal frame, with great possibilities of conversions and interventions to always guarantee the satisfaction of your housing needs.


Our Projects

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of SMARTBUILDING is that in the end a house is worth the money spent:

When it offers us confidence because it has been made by workshops with many years of expertise in the field as well as studied by experts.
When it expresses perfectly, aesthetically and functionally, the people who will inhabit them and will enjoy it because in SMARTBUILDING we do not build standard houses, only houses based on the needs of its customers.

When it has a certified identity of the way of design, construction as well as certifications of materials and workshops.
When it is built… "smartly" by experts and frees us from unnecessary expenses and inconvenience.



Ecological Constructions - Economic Constructions

Energy efficient construction of energy classes B+ up to 50% more energy efficient than the other classes.

Ecological Constructions - Zero Consumption Constructions

The energy houses of the smartzero series are called “zero” because of the zero energy consumption.

Ecological Constructions - Housing of Energy Class A +

Smartbuilding offers constructions of energy classes A + with energy consumption up to 70% lower than the other energy classes.

Ecological Constructions - Passive Constructions

With the term passive (“Passive”) these constructions ensure low or almost zero energy demand throughout the year.