Conventional Construction

Why choose the conventional construction

Because the conventional construction is the most familiar construction method and most popular and proven in Greece.With Smart Building the conventional construction is cheaper by 5% – 15% from the market due to the organization with crews that the company has and the advantage that the company has of achieving low prices because of mass number of purchases.

However, should you take a closer look at the disadvantages of conventional construction against the other construction systems, you shall discover that:

  • It involves longer times of delivery.
  • High cost of Social Security contributions.
  • More expensive building method in relation with the composite construction. The market offers the conventional construction 30% to 40% more expensive than that of composite construction. Smart Building due to its subsidiary, DOMIKI SACHINOR (building materials marketing) can offer the same conventional construction at only 10% to 25% higher than the composite construction.
  • Difficulty and high cost for the repair of damages. With composite construction, a support structure that may bent can be repaired quickly, easily, and with less money.
  • Harder to perform quality control.

The time of completion required for a home of area 100 m2 is 240 – 260 days.
The price offered by our company, suggestively, starts from 1200,00 €/m2 and can be configured based on the needs and options chosen by the customer.

Conventional construction building method

The structure consists of:

  • Supports, beams and concrete slab
  • Masonry from bricks and plaster.

This is the classic construction method and the most popular in the area of Greece