15 Reasons To Choose Smart Building

  1. We guarantee a specific cost. This means that whatever we agree from the beginning of the construction is valid until the end, without paying a single penny more. Everything is listed in detail in the contract and there are no hidden or uncontrolled costs.
  2. We do not sell standardized composite structures. We study each house individually and achieve the best fit to the architectural design of your home, without compromising on aesthetics.
  3. We can deliver your home, at any construction stage you assign it to us.
  4. Time saving construction thanks to:
    • Experience of our technical department in steel structures.
    • Organization and coordination of our workshops.
  5. We can expand the metal frame of your home horizontally or vertically, easily, quickly and clearly.
  6. We make your home as you dream it. Smart Building supervises the whole construction, however, a mechanic you trust can supervise all daily operations made by us.
  7. Your home will be strictly supervised on daily basis, in every phase from trustworthy engineers.
  8. We relieve you of the hassle of workshops.
  9. We are totally responsible for the ‘’mariage’’ of masonry and steel structure in order to guarantee that you will not have any problems throughout the years.
  10. Our civil engineers have implemented the method of Composite Construction of homes for more than 15 years. So you can rest on the hands of our technical department that your home will never be an industrial building.
  11. We only use material that have been tested that they do not affect the health or the environment.
  12. We have managed to build an economical composite construction building. This can be achieved with the experience of our civil engineers and the proper management of our workshops. We have managed to reduce the cost of the composite construction in comparison to a traditional construction by 210€ per sq.m.
  13. We gift you the insulation which worths 55€ per sq.m. floor plan! Thus, apart from an absolute earthquake protected home you will also have a home with proper insulation, with no cost!
  14. This ” Smart ” building is our passion and you will discover it when you will meet us…