Company Profile


Who We Are

Smart Building S.A. is a technical construction company which was established in April 2002 for the design and construction of public and private projects. Its establishment came from the participation of executives of other smaller technical companies as well as personal companies, in order to put Smart Building S.A. head of the Group from the beginning of its establishment.

The company is staffed by specialized scientific and technical staff (civil engineers, architects, designers, economists, craftsmen, etc.) to meet the needs of the competition.

The headquarters of the company are located at the 17th km of Attiki Odos (End of Anapafseos – opposite O.D.D.Y.) in the region of ​​Ano Liossia.

Preparation of Studies

Smart Building S.A. maintains a design department staffed with experienced and specialized scientific associates (Architects, Structural Civil Engineers) with subject,

  • The Issuance of Building Permits,
  • Preparation of Architectural Studies,
  • Preparation of Static Studies of Reinforced Concrete Bodies, Mixed Bodies, Static studies of restoration – seismic reinforcement of existing buildings
  • Restoration of Preserved Buildings

Construction Methods - Building Systems

  • Conventional construction
  • Mixed construction
  • Metal buildings
  • Prefabrication
  • Mixed – prefabricated compositions
  • Heavy prefabrication
  • Construction of all modern systems of construction and reinforcement – restoration of buildings

Board of Directors

Sachinian Ioannis President – CEO
Sachinian Lazaros Board Member
Sachinian Meletios Board Member
Sachinian Alexander

Board Member