Why Choose Smart Building?

Why should someone choose Smart Building S.A. and not another construction company?

Smart Building SA is a company staffed with experienced and qualified scientific and technical personnel which assures you:

  1. Specific construction costs without “hidden” charges. Clearly defined construction costs, payment stages and timetable of the project.
  2. High quality standards through rigorous system of supervision of construction phases by experienced Engineers.
  3. The materials and components used for each construction are certified by ISO and other European standards.
  4. The cooperating companies and suppliers are certified and have actively participated in Olympic projects, the construction of the Athens Metro and other major public and private projects.
  5. Specific timetable which meets strict deadlines.
  6. It specializes in the design and construction of modern buildings which ensure maximum earthquake protection and security, providing freedom of architectural expression.
  7. It relieves the client from the stress of construction (unreliable workshops, craftsmen, artisans).
  8. It has the ability to deliver the construction at any construction stage, according to the clients will, starting from the architectural concept to the turn key solution.
  9. Smart Building S.A. gives the customer the opportunity of bank financing through cooperative banks.