In Smartbuilding our main concern is the continuous evolution and improvement of the structural systems and manufacturing processes, always focusing on safety and economy. In this context we present some of the innovations implemented in our systems.


The way the masonry is embedded to the frame of a building is a key detail to avoid damage in an earthquake. At the buildings we construct, either with reinforced concrete or with metal frame, we never '' wedge '' masonry directly onto the frame. What we do is the following:
  • Perimeter building bricks or other units (Ytong, Alfa Block) are let a joint with a width which is determined by the static study ( usually 2 cm ) and which is then filled with intumescent material having elastic behavior (rubber gasket),
  • We NEVER connect the friezes of reinforced concrete between them or directly to the columns by soldering the reinforcement of the friezes to the columns. Instead we put special parts of galvanized steel with rubber gasket sheets of neoprene that hold the friezes.


On purely metallic structures and exclusively industrial buildings stiffening elements (windshields, bracings, cross- links etc) are made of steel sections. However in home construction, the use of windshields creates various problems of architectural character, which require complex procedures and techniques for the correct and safe integration of masonry. For this reason, the stiffening elements we use in Smartbuilding are made of Walls from Reinforced Concrete (shear walls).