FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

(We answer some of the most frequently asked questions that come to mind)

What materials are Smart Building S.A. systems made of?

The Smart Building S.A. consists of metal sections (IPE) and the masonry is made of high-strength concrete with integrated insulation without discontinuities.

With Smart Building S.A. what can i build?

With Smart Building S.A. you can build any kind of metal construction (houses, high-rise buildings, hotels, etc.).

What are the advantages of Smart Building S.A. systems.

Choosing Smart Building S.A. ensure that the rest of you:

  • Build seismic like a skyscraper, ensuring the highest construction and seismic standards.
  • Build on your own interest achieving lower construction costs compared to conventional construction.
  • Build for your own comfort by receiving the turnkey home in no time.
  • Build on your own aesthetics taking advantage of the variety of architectural expression, flexibility and scalability and variability of your home.
  • Flexibility of application of the method. Appropriate method for areas where there are difficulties due to earthquake for the construction of a building.

Will I need my own architect or can I contact you without the help of an architect?

Unless you have your own architect, specialized technical staff at Smart Building S.A. is always at your disposal to solve your special housing needs.

Can I build with any architectural expression?

Due to the flexibility of metal buildings, with the Smart Building S.A. it is possible to make any architectural expression you choose to give to your construction.

Can I, in the future, do expansion surgery on the house you have built?

With Smart Building S.A. you can very easily expand your construction, whenever you want, whether it is perimeter of the building or it is in height (as long as there is provision for expansion in height).

Colors and materials will be my choice or I will have to adjust the requirements

Smart Building S.A. is able to incorporate any materials or colors you choose in your construction but without deviating from international standards. In case your choice goes beyond the international standards, you should take the responsibility of integrating the materials or colors in the construction.

How long does it take for my house to be completed?

From the issuance of the building permit the usual time required for the completion of your home is 90 – 120 days for constructions 100 – 150 m2.

Can I choose between unfinished and finished construction?

We can deliver your home at any stage of construction you choose, from the erection of the metal frame only to its completion.

Do I need a building permit from the Town Planning?

The building permit from Urban Planning is necessary for the implementation of your construction.

Will the Smart Building S.A. system be safe?

The method used by Smart Building S.A. it is not her own invention. This method has been used since 1916 in Japan (a country with a very high degree of seismicity) in order to solve the problems caused by earthquakes. The method has been extended to the world and especially in areas where soil seismicity requires high quality constructions.
The materials used in construction are familiar to everyone – only steel and concrete in terms of the load-bearing structure – taking advantage of the properties of both elements, while the building materials are exactly the same as those used in conventional construction.
Smart Building S.A. in a country like Greece where earthquakes are a fairly common phenomenon, it ensures that you will sleep peacefully without the earthquake nightmare.