Ecological Constructions – Economic Constructions

New Ecological Constructions!

smartbuilding enters the new construction era and goes one step ahead of the competition as it has done over the years with the innovations it has offered to its customers and brings the 4 new series of ecological constructions.

smartbuilding in addition to its prevention and environmental awareness, with the integration of ecological series prevents its customers from the unnecessary costs of cooling-heating and hot water of their home resulting in their financial benefit with its new ecological constructions.

Build Green – Build Cheap

Choose an energy efficient home that consumes less energy, or even zero, to heat and cool. Buildings with excellent thermal insulation, double or triple glazing that seal the heat in the house or maintain a cool environment in summer, requiring much less heating and cooling costs.


Οικολογικές Κατασκευές - Μηδενικής Κατανάλωσης Κατασκευές

Ecological Constructions – Zero Consumption Constructions

The energy houses of the smartzero series are called “zero” because of the zero energy consumption.



Οικολογικές Κατασκευές - Παθητικές Κατασκευές

Ecological Constructions – Passive Constructions

With the term passive (“Passive”) these constructions ensure low or almost zero energy demand throughout the year.



Οικολογικές Κατασκευές - Κατοικίες Ενεργειακής Κλάσης Α+

Ecological Constructions – Housing of Energy Class A +

Based on the energy classification of constructions that was established in Greece in 2010, smartbuilding offers constructions of energy classes A + with energy consumption up to 70% lower than the other energy classes.


Οικολογικές Κατασκευές - Οικονομικές Κατασκευές

Ecological Constructions – Economic Constructions

Energy efficient construction of energy classes B + up to 50% more energy efficient than the other classes.


Against the financial crisis that has led to a significant reduction in the construction of new buildings, smartbuilding proposes innovative innovative building solutions that respect the environment and your pocket.

Build smart, Build economically, build ecologically with smartbuilding!