Conventional Construction

Why choose conventional construction

  • Conventional construction is the most intimate way of building compared to the most modern ways of building buildings, such as prefabricated, composite structures, pure metal buildings and prefabricated double wall buildings, because it is the most tried and tested known method of construction in Greece.
  • In Smart Building, conventional construction is 5% – 15% cheaper than the market due to its organization in workshops and the advantage it has by making mass purchases achieving lower prices, because it belongs to the same group of companies Sachinor S.A. for the production and marketing of aggregates.

But if you look at the disadvantages of conventional construction over other construction systems, you will find that there is:

  • Longer delivery time
  • High participation in IKA
  • More expensive way of building than composite construction. The market offers the conventional construction 30% – 40% more expensive than the composite. Smart Building having the advantage of buying cheap aggregates from Sachinor S.A. offers just 10-25% more expensive than mixed.
  • Difficulty and high cost in repairing damage. In composite construction, a pillar that may have been bent or otherwise damaged is repaired quickly, with great ease and much less money.
  • More difficult quality control

The completion time required is for a house of 100 m2 240 – 260 days.

How to build a conventional construction

The construction consists of:

  • Columns, beams and concrete slab
  • Brick and plaster masonry.

It is the classic way of construction and the most widespread in Greece.