Composite – Prefabrication Combinations

This is a construction consisting of the composition of cells and onsite composite construction.
Why choose composite prefabrication combination construction

  • Because the specific construction method is recommended worldwide and in Greece and in particular, in the regions with a high seismic activity due to the high strengths the system provides in case of earthquake.
  • Because it combines the advantages of prefabrication (lower cost) and on site composite construction for special and architecturally particular structures with minimal possible disturbance.
  • Has a minimal contribution for social security, which involves only the part of the project performed at the job site.
  • There is no architectural commitment since it can bridge large openings and thus respond to any architectural design.
  • Is there any particular reason that you should not choose composite prefabrication combination?
  • Only in the case where the area is inaccessible.

The completion time required for a home of area 100 m2 is 120 – 140 days.
The price offered by our company, suggestively, starts from 820,00 €/m2 and can be configured based on the needs and options chosen by the customer.

Analysis of composite – prefabrication combinations construction method.
The construction method is a combination of prefabrication in the form of cells and composite construction with metal framework and walls from 3D industrial panels, ytong, bricks etc.