Heavy Duty Prefabrication (Double Wall)

The German technology double wall is an international patent, with exceptional advantages, and can be used in any type of construction. Because each wall is manufactured separately, in accordance with the needs of each building, this method is ideal for any type of construction.

The use of reinforced concrete double walls combined with the onsite construction of the load bearing structure from reinforced concrete for the construction of anti-seismic buildings is clearly better than the conventional structures you were familiar with until today, which very soon shall become a thing of the past.

The conventional buildings currently constructed in Greece, consist simply of the load bearing structure – framework with reinforced concrete, while the walls are masonry with bricks that simply separate the rooms and contribute very little to nothing at all in the anti-seismic protection of the house – building.

In contrast, with the reinforced concrete double wall (concrete with iron reinforcement), the wall participates in the anti-seismic protection of the building as load bearing structure to a great extent.

Parallel to this, this ultra modern cutting edge technology of the double wall which is applied by robotics is an ideal method for very high walls. There is possibility for the construction of walls higher than 8 meters.

The walls become one with the floors for greater reinforcement and anti-seismic protection (monoblock) with the injection of ultra high strength concrete between the space of the double walls of the masonry directly on the building.

These walls are absolutely waterproof and thermally insulated using polyurethane insulation without gaps or bubbles and their surface is similar to that of glass, meaning absolutely smooth.

This type of modern technology is applied in the most developed countries of Europe, as well as in Canada and the United States of America, for major professional building construction, industries, parking, hotels, etc.

The price offered by our company, suggestively, starts from 690,00 €/m2 and can be configured based on the needs and options chosen by the customer.