In SMART BUILDING S.A. your expectation is our aim and commitment.

SMART BUILDING S.A Construction Company is a member of the group Sachinian-Georgopoulos representing the construction activity of the group and is specialized mainly in contemporary building systems of Composite Steel – Concrete Structures.
At the core of SMART BULDING’s activity lies a wide range of constructions: Conventional Construction, Composite Construction, Prefabrication, Composite-Prefabrication Combinations, Heavy Duty Prefabrication (Double Wall).
SMART BUILDING offers to its clientele high quality and at the same time significant savings in money and time which results directly to definite satisfaction of the clients.
SMART BUILDING successfully covers all the contemporary market demands.

Why to choose Smart Building?

15 Reasons To Choose Smart Building

Your house is the best value for money

  • When it offers safety.
  • When it fulfils your expectations, personal style, and functional needs.
  • When it is built… “in a smart way” by experts so as to save money and time.
  • When it provides certified quality of materials and of building systems.
  • When it takes off your mind the load of managing craftsmen and technicians.